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Saturday, November 10, 2007
Mission Statement { written on 10:25 AM

The goal of the Columbian Review is to discover Chicago, and other mid-west cuisine through means of taste tests. We won't only cover the food. We'll take a look at the environment; the neighborhood around us and the service or lack there of. We believe a dining experience should leave your tummy satisfied. We believe a dining experience should not result in feeling insulted by piss-poor service. We also believe a dining experience shouldn't leave you bankrupt.

We weren't classically trained by Gordon Ramsay. Our taste buds weren't harvested by the almighty Julia Child in her Proven├žal garden and then implanted into our mouths at birth, no...we simply know what tastes good and what tastes bad.

We'll explore highway grease-spoon diners and chain franchise honchos. We'll travel through the backwoods for authentic local fare and we'll dodge bullets for those shady diamonds in the rough.

We're poor and picky and we want some good food.

-Adam and Joseph-
November 10, 2007